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Sexology (1909)

  • Sexology (1909)
  • Sexology (1909)
  • Sexology (1909)

Sexology- William H Walling (1909)

Woefully misguided Victorian reference book:

Excerpt :
"Masturbation, Female.

Alas, that such a term is possible! 0, that it were as infrequent as it is monstrous, and that no stern necessity compelled us to make the startling disclosures which this chapter must contain! We beseech, in advance, that every young creature into whose hands this book may chance to fall, if she be yet pure and innocent, will at least pass over this chapter, that she may still believe in the general chastity of her sex; that she may not know the depths of degradation into which it is possible to fall. We concede that only a wide-spread existence of the crime could justify this public description of its consequences. We believe that a smaller proportion of girls than of boys are addicted to it, but the number is nevertheless enormous, and the dangers are all the greater, that their very existence is so generally ignored."

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